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Advanced Macroeconomics

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1. Consumer: Demand for consumption goods (static case or one-period economy); consumption and saving;
2. Producer: production function; profit maximization; producer behavior on a competitive market; monopoly;
3. Equilibrium (microeconomic setting). Equilibrium in a macroeconomic setting. neo-classical, classical, Keynesian situations (consequences on static economic policies);
4. Intertemporal models: Harrod-Domar model; Solow model; Solow-Krugman controversy;
5. Optimal intertemporal models: Ramsey model; Lucas (Human Capital); Romer Model; two sectors (many sectors) optimal growth models;
6. One-period general equilibrium model with consumption goods and financial assets in an open economy;
7. Intertemporal general equilibrium models with consumption goods, capital goods and financial assets. Bubbles.

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