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Statistics & Econometrics with R 2022

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Data Wrangling & Visualization with R 2022

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Initiation to Game Theory-Applications 2022

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Machine Learning Modelling Pipeline

Machine Learning Modelling Pipeline with Git and Python (1).png

Data Analysis in Stata (2022)


Bootcamp in Mathematics for Economics (2021)

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Causal Inference and Public Policy​ (April 2021) 


Data Wrangling and Visualization with R (April and May 2021)


Data Wrangling and Visualization with R (December 2020, January 2021)


General Equilibrium


Dynamic Programming

Image by Clément H

Data Wrangling and Visualization with R (March, April 2020)

Data on a Touch Pad

Advanced Macroeconomics

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Short Courses: Programs
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